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Essentially Hip Hop is an urban culture made of four different artistic elements with one of them being the dance (the other three is the street art/graffiti, the deejay/music maker and the emcee/vocal expressionist). The dance of Hip Hop is actually a wide genre of many different styles but generally there are two forms in which, we teach here at Urban Groove. The two styles are described here as B-boying and Hip Hop as itself.





The B-boy classes are geared to cover every aspect required by the student to understand and appreciate this form of Hip Hop expression from top rocking, footwork, freezes and powermoves. In the class, the instructor will careful breakdown the techniques required to master the desired skill of this dance form. There will be a lot of exercises used in the class to help the student develop optimum and proper physical conditioning for such high athletic dance moves.

The classes taught here start from basic onwards and are suitable for any individual who favor a great workout and challenge in class. This style is suited for both male and female students.

Suitable ages of participants in this class would be from 12 years old onwards.

Students with medical conditions or history of physical injury would need to consult their physician first before attempting this or any of the classes at Urban Groove.






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Hip Hop

Essentially the form of Hip Hop taught here is the original form of Hip Hop, which was taught by the pioneers of this dance from New York, USA. This style of dance is based around the "bounce" and has a wide vocabulary of dance moves, which were developed over a period of 30 years or more. Such moves include the running man, roger rabbit, alf, steve martin, bart simpson, carlton, the good foot, the sponge bob and many more.

Able to be fused with many other street dance forms, Hip Hop is the most free expressing dance forms with a lot of room to improvise and grow.

Being one of Urban Groove's core dance forms, the classes here are suited for all individuals. The classes are guaranteed to be highly technical and precise giving the student an awesome work out and enjoyable time.






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Popping is basically a funky robotic dance style, which has a wide variety of complimenting styles such as hitting, waving, tutting, gliding, boogaloo, robot, animation, strutting, ticking and many more. This Popping class highly emphasizes on techniques, so as to allow the student to develop their own unique style and personality in their dance. The style of Popping is very fun and interesting as it develops the expression of one's creative imagination, patience and body control. This class is suitable for both male and female of any age with a fun and imaginative view to dance.






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The first of all the street dance styles in this era, Locking is the ultimate expression of funk music, the derived and improvised form of Jazz, fused with soul, which was created by the legendary and late James Brown in 1969. Locking is a highly energetic style of dance, which is funky, fun and suitable for both adults and kids. Having its roots in soul dance, Locking is full of groove and enjoyable to learn. This class focuses on the style made famous by the original Lockers and the near accurate techniques, which the group created. The following will be taught in the Locking class: soul dance, Locking attitude and groove, basic bounce, the lock, points, pace, funky walk, wrist rolls, scooby doo, skeeter rabbit, stop n go, scoot-bot, iron horse, leo walk and so on. 






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