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Here at Urban Groove Dance Network, our class and fee structure follow a unique system that allows a lot of flexibility for the students to choose the style of their interest and learn at their own pace.


This system is known as the pre-paid class system. In short, based on fixed class schedule, students can pre-purchase an amount of classes for a certain price and attend the types of classes in the schedule within a certain valid period.


Here is how the system works :

1.  To get enrolled, you will firstly need to pay an annual membership fee of RM80, which is NON-REFUNDABLE. This one (1) year membership fee can be renewed for the following years for only RM30.



2.  Once that is done, you can now select any of the 3 low cost class packages. You are allow to access any types of classes based on a fixed schedule within a valid period of 30 days depends on how many classes u buy.

  • Open Class =  RM   25
  • 5 classes    =  RM   80
  • 10 classes  =  RM 130
  • Unlimited    =  RM 160

          *All prices maybe subjected to change without prior notice*


3.  Upon registration, you will be given a card with the number of classes purchased. This card will be required to be brought each time you enter the classes. Students who do not bring the card will NOT be allowed into the classes. 


4.  The prepaid card is not allowed to be shared. It is meant to be used by only one (1) person at a time.


5.  Students can purchase different amount of classes for every 30 days. This allows a lot of flexibility for the students. 



6.  Classes not used after the expiry date CANNOT be brought forward to the following 30 days UNLESS you top up before OR on the last day of the expiry date. 




7.  Students that fail to purchase classes within a consecutive 90 days will have their membership immediately terminated.




8.  On the occasion where the studio closes for holidays, emergencies or events, the validity period CANNOT be brought forward or extended. Students will have to attend all their classes before the closing period. Classes missed will NOT be given any replacement.




9.  Students who intend to stop learning CANNOT transfer their prepaid card to another individual.




10.  ALL payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. 




11.  With this system, you do not need to enroll in the beginning of the month. Anyone can register at anytime of the month and the valid period will be calculated 30 days from the day you purchased classes.



12.  Here, individuals are not fixed to a particular class or style. You have the freedom and choice to enter the class of your choice but under the advice of the instructor. 



13.  The OPEN CLASS system is suitable for individuals who intend to take dance lessons for a short term basis for few days, few weeks to few months. Here, they do not need to register as member but rather RM25 per class. Most individuals who take the open class fall under the following: short term holidays, trying out the class, back from overseas few days/weeks OR holiday in Malaysia for few days/weeks.




14.  All individuals learning at the studio are subjected to the policies and rules and regulations of the studio class system. The studio reserves the right to make changes to any existing system for purpose of quality enhancement.



15.  The studio administration and instructors will NOT be responsible for any form of mishap, lost and injury, which occurs to the student during, before or after classes and also during their own unsupervised training at the studio or during their own unsupervised usage of any exercise equipment.




16.  The studio will NOT provide any form of replacements for any class missed by the student at any period of time, and under any kind of circumstance. The studio reserves the right to make class cancellations with prior notice to students for purposes such as events, holidays, appearances or emergencies.




17.  In this system, the classes are very specific to the style and also level. Here at Urban Groove, We guarantee results in our classes via meticulous explanation, intensive drills, originality of vocabulary and deep emphasis on the individuals groove. We assure that ANYONE and EVERYONE can learn and appreciate street dance in something fun, challenging, positive and healthy.

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