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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What should I wear for class?

  • Any form of sports wear and comfortable sneakers.

2)  If I have been learning dance before, can I jump into the advanced or intermediate class straight away?
  • YES, you can.



3)  If I am a beginner but holding the unlimited card, can I join the intermediate or advanced classes?

  • NO, you should not till you develop enough foundation to do so.

4)  How are the classes conducted? By choreography to certain song or...?

  • The classes conducted here are 100% technical except for Urban Dance Choreography class and Girl Style classes. The Hip Hop, Popping,   Locking, Bboy, House and Waacking classes are fully technical. The first thing that it taught is the bounce and groove. This is the most important thing a dancer needs to have. After that, there will be vocabulary, variations, footwork, drills and a hold list of exercises that can be done in the class to improve the dancer conditioning and dance skills. Each class is a guaranteed work out and enjoyable time.

5)  Do you send students to competitions and performances?

  • YES, we do.

6)  Do you organize events for your students?

  • YES, we do such as dance recitals, workshops, battles and soul session parties.

7)  Do you have examination and certificates?

  • NO, we do not have exams and certificates as street dance is a dance styles that takes a lifetime to learn and it's never ending journey of expression and fun.

8)  Do you have trial classes for beginner?

  • NO, we do not have trial classes. BUT we do have open class which u require to pay RM25 per class without register as our student.

9)  If I have dancing background and I enter the foundation classes, will the material in the class still stay the same or cater to my level?

  • The material in the class will stay the same. In this case we advise to still join some foundation classes for revision and strengthening of the basics but take intermediate or advanced classes as well.

10)  How long can I be good in dancing?

  • It solely depends on how much effort you put in.

11)  If I am above 30 years old, am I too old to learn dancing?

  • NO, you are not! We do have students at that age learning.

12)  If I have been injured before, is it safe for me to learn street dance?

  • YES, but please make sure you have your doctor's confirmation that your body is ready. The studio and the instructors will NOT be responsible for any mishap that occurs to the student during, before or after class.

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