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Urban Groove Dance Network (UGDN) is a locally based dance school, which provides professional dance classes specifically on urban and street dance styles. It was established in year 2004 by Joel Tan who happens to be an accreditated dance teacher on Hip Hop and Street by the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance).


The Urban Groove Dance Network (UGDN) is the first of its kind in Malaysia, having introduced, pioneered and promoted classes on specific and original street dance styles such as, Hip Hop, Bboying, Locking, Popping , Soul Dance, Reggae and Waacking. The Urban Groove Dance Network (UGDN) has set the standard for street dance schools in Malaysia and has played the primary and backbone role in the development of the Malaysian street dance community.


Apart from its normal role as a dance school, the Urban Groove Dance Network (UGDN) exist also as an organization with objectives on preserving and developing the original street dance styles in Malaysia as well as nurturing positive vibes into young people via dance. The aim is for everyone to appreciate and enjoy street dance as a fun form of activity, which is healthy and at the same time enjoyable.


In line with that, the motto of Urban Groove Dance Network (UGDN) is "DANCE IS SOUL SIMPLE", clearly meaning that if its from the heart, anyone can do it and appreciate it.

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Words of The Day

"The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires."
-William Arthur Ward

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